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Group Biography

Established in 2021 by Anne-Sofie Belling, Monika Brandić Lipińska, Paula Nerlich, and Layla van Ellen, Bio-Futures for Transplanetary Habitats is a research group born out of the collaborative efforts of PhD researchers at the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment, jointly affiliated with Newcastle University and Northumbria University, UK. Formed to bridge diverse themes and disciplines, the group focuses on fostering bio-focused research and collaborations in space architecture and design, biological (inter)relations and technologies, and speculative transplanetary scenarios. The research group is always open to member applications and has an online platform enabling members to share their projects, updates, and calls for collaboration. Guided by core values, the group emphasizes the need for interdisciplinary research, bridging biotechnological and bio-social relations to make a lasting impact on the future of space exploration and habitation.

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