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A Collection of Member Publications


Guzmán, L. (2023) Diatoms in Space. Antennae. 59 [Download article via this link]

Roberts, A.D. (2023) Building on Mars with human blood and urine. Physics Today. 76 (3), pp. 62–63

Roberts, A.D. and Scrutton, N.S. (2023) StarCrete: A starch-based bio-composite for off-world construction. Open Engineering. 13(1) [Download article via this link]

van Ellen, L.A., Bridgens, B., Burford, N., Crown, M., and Heidrich, O. (2023) Adaptability in Space using the Rhythmic Buildings Strategy. Acta Astronautica.

Belling, A.S., Brandic Lipinska, M., van Ellen, L.A., Nerlich, P., Rothschild, L., and Maurer, C.  (2023) Bio-futures for transplanetary habitats. Research Directions: Biotechnology Design. 1(E8).

Brandić Lipińska, M., Maurer, C., Cadogan, D., Head, J., Dade-Robertson, M., Paulino-Lima, Chen Liu, I.G., Morrow, R., Senesky, D.G., Theodoridou, M., Rheinstädter, M.C., Zhang, M. and Rothschild, L.J. (2022) Biological growth as an alternative approach to on and off-Earth construction. Frontiers in Built Environment. 8(965145).

van Linden Tol, A., Brandić Lipińska, M., Foing, B. and Greenwood-George, E. (2022) Sky lake - Moon environment design. Acta Astronautica. 201, pp. 54-56.

Roberts, A.D., Whittall, D.R., Breitling, R., Takano, E., Blaker, J.J., Hay, S., and Scrutton, N.S. (2021) Blood, sweat, and tears: extraterrestrial regolith biocomposites with in vivo binders. Materials Today Bio. 12, pp. 100-136 [Download article via this link]


van Ellen, L.A., Belling, A.S., Brandic Lipinska, M., Nerlich, P., Azzopardi, H., Ciardullo, C., Dade-Robertson, M., Holt, A., Hyry, N., James, P., MacCowan, R.M., Roberts, A.D., Vermeulen, A., Zhang, M. (2022) Bio-Futures for Transplanetary Habitats - A Summary and Key Outcomes of the 2022 Symposium. 73rd International Astronautical Congress, Paris.

Brandić Lipińska, M., Davenport, R., Imhof, B., Waclavicek, R., Fateri, M., Meyer, L., Gines-Palomares, J.-C., Zocca, A., Makaya, A., Günster, J. (2022) PAVER – Contextualizing laser sintering within a lunar technology roadmap. 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Paris, France, 18-22 September 2022. IAC-22, A3 ,2C. [Download article via this link]

Hussain, H., Brandic Lipinska, M., van Ellen, L. (2021) Preliminary Studies of the Use of Reflected Sunlight, as a Sustainable Solution for Illumination and Human Comfort at Lunar Outpost. 72nd International Astronautical Congress. Dubai, UAE. [Download article via this link]

Brandic Lipinska, M., van Ellen L., Damann, V. (2021) Senses as Drivers for Space Habitats Design in Microgravity. 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems, ICES. [Download article via this link]

Brandić Lipińska, M., Sojka, W. (2019) The value of art as an urban intervention for extraterrestrial settlements and its impact on the subconscious perception of time and space. 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Washington, 21-26 October 2019. [Download article via this link]

Ritter, S., Bauer, C., Bausmayer, J., Cohen, O., Diggewadi, A., Harris, K., Kaluthantrige, A., Brandić Lipińska, M., Liu, C., Mao, L., Claros, P.M., Nassey, C., van Noetsele, L., Dashtgol, F.S., Townsend, A., Vivenzio, S., Hirschberg, J.W., Xu, X., Zecca, F., Baltazar Garduño, A.C., Stupar, D.I., Damann, V. (2019) Incorporating Sustainability into Planned Lunar Missions: Building Blocks for Lunar Settlement through Lunar Sustainability Goals. 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Washington D.C., 21-25 October 2019. 

van Ellen, L. (2019) Hybrid Habitat for Mars: creating comfort with light. 71st International Astronautical Congress. Washington D.C.

van Ellen, L., Peck, D. (2018) Use of in situ ice to build a sustainable radiation shielding habitat on Mars. 70th International Astronautical Congress, Bremen [Download article via this link]

Brandić Lipińska, M. (2018) Nano-Cellulose Application in Radiation Shielding Architecture. 69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Bremen, 1-5 October 2018.

Debnath, K.B. (2012). Living beyond Earth: The architectural features of human habitats in extreme environments of space and other planetary surfaces. 63rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Naples, 1-5 October 2012. [Download article via this link]


Sherry, A., Corrales, B.D, Kaiser, R., Nerlich, P. (2022) BioMateriOME: monitoring and human perceptions of microbe-material interactions in the built environment. In Bioprotopia: Prototyping biotechnologies and biocultures for the built environment. (Vol. 1): Birkhäuser.