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Anne-Sofie Belling is a designer-researcher who pushes the boundaries of imagination at the intersection of technology, biology, and interaction design, envisioning speculative futures in the vast expanse of outer space. With her multidisciplinary approach and curiosity, she is reshaping our understanding of what is possible and desirable in the realms of space habitation and human/nonhuman interaction.

With a research background in both speculative design research, interaction design and creative technology, Anne-Sofie brings a unique perspective to her work, seamlessly weaving together art, science, and design to create inspiring and critical visions of the future. Through her designs and research, Anne-Sofie hopes to ignite our collective imagination and inspire us to dream differently and critically about the potential bio-futures that await us among the stars. 

Anne-Sofie's work is currently focused on her PhD research at Newcastle University and the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment. This research examines the potential more-than-human relations of transplanetary futures via a speculative design research process. Through her designs and research, she explores how technology and biology have been in the past and can in the future be connected to create novel interactive technologies, interfaces and relations between human- and nonhuman-kind.

Projects from our Projects Showcase that Anne-Sofie has collaborated on: